Mehrshad Pezeshk - Fractional-CTO

Scale Your Startup With
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Build a High-Performance Tech Team with the Guidance of a Experienced CTO at a Fraction of the Cost of a FCTO.


I can help you with...

Fractional CTO

Serving as a Fractional CTO, I guide engineering and product teams in resolving organizational challenges and introducing highly efficient systems.

Additionally, I am not hesitant to dive in and actively participate in completing tasks.

My Expertise

Technical Hiring Support

If you’re looking for your first engineer, solving a problem in your company, or quickly growing your team, I give technical checks and smart hiring help to make your team successful.

Engineering Apprenticeships

My enthusiasm lies in assisting young engineers to enhance their abilities. I provide a number of practical engineering apprenticeships for both individuals and businesses aiming to advance their skillset with tangible experience and guidance.


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